Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

So I’ve been playing around with that footage that I shot in my previous Blog posting… and it was bugging me that the birds were distracting as well as the telephone poles, so I decided to just get rid of them! Before and After detail of the Rotoscope process Using the Clone Stamp tool on […]

I needed some sample footage for a training video I’m currently recording and thought I’d incorporate my car and the beautiful location where I live on the central coast of California called Ojai (pronounced “Oh-Hi”). So I set out around mid-day with a cheap-o digital camera/DV cam, a small table top tripod, some bungee cords […]

Okay folks – here it is… (finally!) The first in a series of quick tips and tutorials for creating motion graphics and animations, in a rapid-fire 3-minute “Podcast” video! I’m starting with a topic that has been in discussion on several boards & forums, as well as Adobe’s help center, and I’ve been able to […]