Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The Masters of Compositing Series – Part 1: Petro Vlahos

I was fortunate enough to sit down and interview Petro in 2009, after spending a great deal of time researching his work at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Herrick Library. The original interview was over an hour long but I’ve edited it down to the key points in just under 30 minutes for this series.

Modify a Stereo 3D Rig for 2D Pairs

2D Footage with a Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5 Edit and Optimize 2D Stereo Pairs from a 3D Video Camera or Twin Cameras with a Modified Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5 Adobe included a 1-step option to create a 3D Stereo Camera Rig in After Effects CS5.5, to everyone’s enthusiasm for […]