Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

3-minute Podcast: Mocha for After Effects CS4 Workflow


Okay folks – here it is… (finally!)

The first in a series of quick tips and tutorials for creating motion graphics and animations, in a rapid-fire 3-minute “Podcast” video!

I’m starting with a topic that has been in discussion on several boards & forums, as well as Adobe’s help center, and I’ve been able to develop a workflow (with the help of several colleagues – thank you!) that for me, has been repeatable and provided consistent results.

Watch. Learn. Enjoy.

Click Here to download a hi-res QuickTime movie of this Podcast (in H.264)

Of course, continue to stay tuned for information about an upcoming full-featured training videos on all kinds of Motion Graphics and Compositing techniques!


3 Responses to “3-minute Podcast: Mocha for After Effects CS4 Workflow”
  1. JIM KROH says:

    looks great, like to know more about this stuff
    too far out for me!!!
    great job jeff

  2. David says:

    Jeff, nice work. I am unable to get any paste option in after effects after I copy the text information. Any sugestions? I am familiar with the basic edit drop down menu and keyboard short cuts. David

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks David –

    Make sure you have your layer selected in the Timeline panel and the Time Indicator set to frame 0 before attempting to paste the tracking data from Mocha. You might also check out this post with a few more things to look for using this workflow:

    Cheers – Jeff

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