Saturday, December 16th, 2017

3D Stereo Workflow with the GoPro Hero2


GoPro 3D System
Whether you love it or hate it, 3D Stereography is here for awhile. And if you’re totally into it like I am, you quickly realize that there are few turnkey workflows out there to capture and process 3D Stereo video that’s easy to setup, shoot and edit Stereo pairs. Sure, there are a lot of high-end (expensive to rent) systems for two cameras to shoot, software to sync/mux the footage and rigs you can build to edit it, but GoPro has brought it together with a fun and easy-to-use system that anyone can use.

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NOTE: This is the 3rd in a series of articles/reviews on the GoPro Hero2 cameras for the ProVideo Coalition. There are links to the others at the end of each article.


One Response to “3D Stereo Workflow with the GoPro Hero2”
  1. Beto Rotor says:

    Is possible make movie of gopro2?

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