Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Adobe After Effects CC Starter Kit


Free LIVE Broadcast workshop with Jeff Foster on creativeLIVE June 19, 2014

Part of the Adobe Creative Apps Starter Kit week on, I will be offering an overview of After Effects CC and what it can do for the new users, as well as cover a few of the features of the most current release of the software.

I’ll be sharing some examples from both real-world projects and some easy-to-follow steps to reduce the daunting task of discovering what After Effects can do to bring your ideas to life!

Register for the FREE LIVE Broadcast today or *buy the full-day workshop to view anytime for only $49.
*This class includes downloadable bonus materials and projects.

Description from course page:

After Effects CC is not only the broadcast industry’s motion graphics and animation standard, but it’s now more accessible than ever as part of your Creative Cloud membership. In this intensive 6-hour course, renowned author, video producer, and Adobe Community Professional Jeff Foster will show you how to use After Effects’ many functions to enhance your projects with animated titling and 3D motion graphics.

You’ll learn how simple it is to create motion from your Illustrator and Photoshop files; animating title text and designs in 3D space. While After Effects can be intimidating at first glance, Jeff will teach you just what you need to get started in this amazing program without overwhelming you.

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