Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

On the BuZZ!

On May 13, 2010 I had the pleasure of joining Digital Production BuZZ Radio hosts, Larry Jordan and Mike Horton, for an interview to discuss my latest book “The Green Screen Handbook”. It was a short but informative exchange and they have provided an edited version of the night’s show that features just my interview. […]

Adobe TV – Video Layers in Photoshop CS4

Adobe TV is currently hosting several video clips from my two DVDs with PhotoshopCAFE: “Learning After Effects CS4” and “Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation”. This video segment is from the “Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation” DVD and shows you how to convert a video layer in Photoshop CS4 to a Smart Object so you can […]

Adobe TV – Using Keylight in After Effects CS4

Adobe TV is currently hosting several video clips from my two DVDs with PhotoshopCAFE: “Learning After Effects CS4” and “Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation”. This video segment is from “Learning After Effects CS4” and shows you the difference between simple “chroma keying” and a real matte extraction/creation tool. Keylight is a plug-in that ships with […]

Adobe MAX Attendees – Downloads Available

I want to thank all those attending my Motion Tracking with After Effects sessions at Adobe MAX 2009 this year. Since they’re Hands-On Lab sessions, the projects were pre-loaded on the machines in the room before you come in, and if you weren’t able to complete one of the projects during the session’s allotted time, […]

Motion Tracking with After Effects – Adobe MAX 2009

I’ve developed some projects for a hands-on lab session that I’m doing for two days at Adobe MAX 2009 in LA on Oct. 11 & 12. You can register for Adobe MAX by clicking here: Here’s a sample of one of the projects I’ll be taking you through at the Adobe MAX sessions this year: […]

Digital Storytelling – Creating the “Documercial”

I’ve loosely been using the term “Documercial” as a description of the type of documentary-style videos I’ve been creating for creative book authors, artists & photographers as of late. I was so compelled to share my story of one that I did recently, through an article on the Pro Video Coalition’s site that describes how […]

Hand-Held Camera Motion Tracking with Mocha for AE and CS4

This was first demonstrated live at NAB this year and I’ve been waiting to post it on my Blog until after the release of the step-by-step tutorial was published on the ProVideo Coalition web site. Instead of trying to stabilize the footage first and then track it, I decided I wanted the bouncy/shaky camera movement […]

Due to the popularity of my recent articles, posts and live training events, featuring the 3D Stereo capabilities of Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve decided to post a couple more examples so you can view with your Red/Cyan 3D glasses! (if you don’t have any, please see details below examples on how to get your Free […]

Since I’ve already stepped out into the 3D Stereoscopic world with my recent posts on Photoshop CS4, I thought I’d put yet one more out there that takes the process a step further – and combines some other techniques I’ve covered in previous posts. In this example, I’ve combined a 3D model I brought into […]

Since I’ve been busy working on my latest training DVD for PhotoshopCAFE, I haven’t been posting to my Blog as frequently as I’d like. So I thought I’d put together another “3-Minute Podcast” as a bit of a “teaser” for my upcoming DVD, Photoshop CS4 for Video & Animation. This episode covers an exhaustive workflow […]