Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Digital Storytelling – Creating the “Documercial”


I’ve loosely been using the term “Documercial” as a description of the type of documentary-style videos I’ve been creating for creative book authors, artists & photographers as of late. I was so compelled to share my story of one that I did recently, through an article on the Pro Video Coalition’s site that describes how this has now turned into a business for me. This is something that comes pretty easy for me, as I get passionately and personally involved with the projects that I work on. Yet at the same time, since I’m usually not associated with the project before I start, I get a fresh perspective on telling their story from an outside point of view and can determine what best needs to convey their message to the masses.

Click this link to read the article…

Here’s a sample of one such “Documercial” that’s outlined in this article:


2 Responses to “Digital Storytelling – Creating the “Documercial””
  1. Nice work Jeff! Very touching.


  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks Richard.

    I have other clients I’ve done this for and I’ll be posting more in a series along this topic line as well…


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