Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

New Trailer for our Documentary


What is …and rosemary is for remembrance about?

Shirley never imagined that she would receive a phone call saying that her husband, Russ, had been in a motorcycle accident and was on life support. She never really thought that she would have to deal with making decisions about the end of his life and especially so soon. A year later, her best friend, Liz, joins her on a trip to Yosemite to support her husband’s final burial request. Liz falls on the trail incurring a minor injury and dies three weeks later.

All of these losses were completely unexpected.

Watch this short trailer for the documentary …and rosemary is for remembrance

Shirley’s story is our inspiration for making this film and it’s too compelling to ignore.

This film started out as a personal “remembrance” project for Shirley.
But as we got further into making the film we realized this was a story that needed to be shared.
Everyone has to deal with death at some point in his or her life.
So we decided to make a short documentary in order to bring awareness about the importance of dealing with loss.

We need your help…

We’ve been shooting and editing over the past two years, but still need some more interviews, editing, and mastering/finishing work doen to get this ready for the festival season in Spring 2013.

We are deeply passionate about this film because it’s personal.
We need your help to raise $28,000 to complete this project. After years of interviews, production and editing we are close to having a finished film. We have several interviews left with a variety of experts on the subject along with equipment costs, post production, editing, music, legal fees, and festival fees.

Anyone who’s ever worked on a film knows that time is the most expensive part of the process. We want to make sure we have enough time built into our shoot so that we can do our best work and honor the memories of the people who have passed on. We can guarantee that not a cent will be wasted. It is our intent to create this documentary and get it out to the world. Our goal is to complete this film by Spring 2013 and submit to festivals all over the country.

Any funds we can raise above the $28,000 will only help the project reach further, and will be completely used to promote and distribute the film to an even wider audience. The more we raise, the bigger and better the project will be!


Please read more about this project and donate something – anything you can – to help get this important message out to get people to look at and talk about this important subject we all tend to avoid. If you can’t donate, you can still help us by putting out the word through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ or any of your other online groups and networks!

Many heartfelt thanks in advance.


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