Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Featured Speaker: NAB 2013


I’ll be presenting a 3-hour Green Screen Production workshop at the NAB 2013 Post|Production World Conference on Saturday, April 6.

Description: New products make lighting the green screen easier than ever, but the basic truths still apply. This session will train you to get the best possible green screen results every time, regardless of equipment. The session covers lighting the green screen, positioning and lighting your subject(s), and working with challenging subject matter. Acquiring solid green screen footage is just the beginning, though. Getting a great key and choosing proper backgrounds are essential to any successful green screen production. This session outlines the best practices for working with green screen footage in post, including: creating a matte, choosing backgrounds, hiding flawed footage, and more.

I’ll also be co-presenting with my colleague, Douglas Spotted Eagle on Monday, April 8 and Wednesday, April 10, with focus on Sports POV cameras (like the GoPro) and a full day workshop on corporate video production/post-production.

Make sure to register early and sign up for classes before they fill!

See you at NAB!

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