Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Featured: Splice Vine Workflow Whisperer’s Series


For the month of August, I’ll be featured in the Splice Vine Workflow Whisperer’s series, when an interview with founder Eric Wise is broken down into daily segments with images from my book The Green Screen Handbook and links to videos and other information and resources.

I hope you enjoy this series – it will be archived at this link for future viewing as well, so if you miss the daily installments, you’ll still be able to access the materials.

Here’s the run-down week-by-week…

Week 1: History & Definitions

MON: History of Compositing & Matte-Making, Part 1
TUE: History of Compositing & Matte-Making, Part 2
WED: Definitions
THU: Hardware Matte Compositors
FRI: Software / Plugin Compositors

Weeks to follow will be added each Monday am…

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