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More Books & Videos by Jeff Foster

Books & DVDs by Jeff Foster


NEW! Green Screen Production Master Class: Learn by Video

Green Screen Production Master Class

This focused workshop provides three hours of high-quality video training on shooting green screen and covers everything from setup to producing the shoot to compositing the footage. Author, trainer, and production/compositing expert Jeff Foster starts by introducing you to various concepts and explains how to create the right green screen scenario for your needs. Then, you’ll learn how to set up your background and talent, work with lighting and scopes, explore virtual sets, use helpful iPad apps, and composite the footage.
1 Keying and Matte Extraction Overview
2 Green and Blue Screen Materials
3 Proper Lighting and Camera Setup
4 Planning the Shoot
5 Professional and DIY Lighting Setups
6 Software Options
7 Working with Virtual Sets
8 Compositing Footage
9 Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots
10 Designing the Corporate Green Screen Studio
11 Lighting and Measuring Tools on Portable Devices

Duration: 2 HR 58 min
User Level: Beginning/Intermediate

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Advanced Compositing, Tracking, and Roto Techniques with After Effects

In this workshop Jeff Foster—video producer, compositor, visual effects artist, and author of The Green Screen Handbook—teaches you the advanced tips, tricks, and workflow techniques he’s used over the years to get great video/film composites, even when working with near-impossible footage. Learn advanced roto-painting techniques for the Wacom tablet and get up to speed on motion tracking, multipass mattes, multiple keying layers, simulated lighting effects, painting on video background plates, and more. Finally, Jeff shows how to apply what you’ve learned to a series of real-world projects in Adobe After Effects.

Topics include:
• Roto-painting techniques with a Wacom tablet
• Keying both green and blue in a composite
• Masking to isolate parts of an object to key
• Using multiple layers and roto on a bad green-screen shot
• Motion tracking and match-moving
• Matte painting and moving background/foreground plates
• Lighting techniques in post

Preview the welcome video below:

Click the link below to see more:
Advanced Compositing, Tracking, and Roto Techniques with After Effects

Runtime: 2h 9m

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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Workshop

Sonicfire Pro 5 Workshop?

Want to create some truly unique and customized music soundtracks for your video production? SmartSound makes it easy and in this course I will walk you through all the steps necessary to get started using both their web-based Quicktracks editor, the music library and the amazing Sonicfire Pro 5 software editor. I will show you how to integrate the music editing into your video editing workflow and how to customize your tracks for your specific project!

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Workshop

Create Royalty-Free, Fully Customizable Soundtracks

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 is not only amazing soundtrack scoring software, but also a collection of royalty-free music clips that are fully customizable, with features like Mood Mapping and Timing Control. You can easily pull out select instruments and “write” a complete score of any length you wish. In this workshop, video producer Jeff Foster explores the process of selecting and editing the various customizable music libraries using both the Web-based “Quicktracks” and the professional Sonicfire Pro 5 software. You’ll also learn a round-trip workflow with a few nonlinear editors and get tips and tricks for further customizing your soundtracks.

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The Green Screen Handbook (2nd Edition)

Real-World Production Techniques

Pre-Order the 2nd Edition from Focal Press NOW!

Make movies, videos and images using green screen compositing technology with The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques. This unique guide is a comprehensive how-to of professional production techniques, step-by-step instruction, and tips that can save you time and money. Learn when to use green screens instead of blue, find out how the pros do their productions, and learn how to get amazing results—even on a shoestring budget.

Topics include matting and keying basics; setups using fabric, portable panels, or paint; lighting and digital camera essentials; broadcast TV hardware compositors; professional HD and major motion picture compositing; multiple-colored screen composites (background, foregrounds, and objects); directing storyboards and talent; working with virtual sets; motion tracking; and much more.

  • See how to plan, set up, and execute your shots to reduce fixes in post
  • Choose the right keying process for your project
  • Master basic shooting setups and live broadcast keying
  • Understand proper lighting and how to match subjects to the background
  • Create a working storyboard and learn how to select and direct talent
  • Composite your footage and fix problem shots
  • Work creatively with virtual sets, motion tracking, and match moving
  • Master techniques that apply to all compositing software and plug-ins

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Jeff also has a good radio interview with Larry Jordan on the Digital Video BuZZ!

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Photoshop CS4/CS5 Video & Animation (DVD-ROM)

• 5.5 hours of video training • includes 3D Glasses

Want to take charge of the video and animation features in Photoshop CS4 extended? You won’t be left out in the cold and hungry like some other “so-called CS4 Extended” training. This is the REAL DEAL!

3d glassesJeff Foster opens up Photoshop CS4 & CS5 and shows what’s really possible with video and 3D motion. Learn the basics of video editing from a real industry professional. Then fasten your seatbelts! You are about to learn how to edit video, create stereoscopic 3D (glasses enclosed) rotoscope, edit text, 3D, work with green screen and much more. This is not a child’s dabble with the timeline, it’s real industry strength training that even a child can learn. Jeff teaches in an easy to understand way that both pros and novices can grasp with ease. All footage, 3D Glasses and excercise files are included.

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 4.5 hours of brand new sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the 35 lessons with complete control over the playback. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

If you are looking to edit video & motion graphics in Photoshop, or integrate the workflow with other programs: This is the training you have been craving! You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

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Learning After Effects CS4 (DVD-ROM)

• 4.5 hours of video training • Project files and video footage included

Have you ever seen stunning animations on Movies, TV and DVD and wished you could create these types of motion graphics? You can get started in Motion Graphics today, using the Industry Standard: Adobe After Effects.

Motion Graphics Guru, Jeff Foster quides you through the world of After Effects and Video without using confusing jargon, or overly long-winded explainations. In a Plain English style, Jeff will have you using After Effects in no time at all. His techniques are proven because he has 20 years experience in the field, creating real projects for Studios and clients. Learn all the key features of After Effects including the new ones in CS4!

This fast loading DVD ROM contains over 4.5 hours of brand new sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the 38 lessons with complete control over the playback. All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

If you have been wanting to create motion graphics, video editor, designer, hobbiest: this disk is for you!

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After Effects & Photoshop – 2nd Edition

• Includes project files and images/video footage on DVD • Covers Adobe CS and above

From the Back Cover:

“Jeff Foster has created the one indispensable and definitive production guide to two of the world’s greatest symbiotic tools: After Effect and Photoshop.”
—Jack H. Davis, coauthor, the Photoshop Wow! books and How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography

Nothing beats the tight synergy of After Effects and Photoshop for creating professional-level effects, and nothing beats this book for showing you how Hollywood professionals really use these programs.

In this second edition to his bestselling book, TV and movie graphics veteran Jeff Foster provides all-new information on After Effects 7 and Photoshop CS2—plus expanded coverage of blue/green screening and titling, beautiful new images, and innovative real-world solutions for today’s professionals. Better than ever, this must-have reference is still the only guide that shows how to use these two superpower programs together to achieve professional results.

The DVD includes production materials, third-party plug-ins and filters, and stock video. You’ll also find project files and footage to go with every one of the book’s projects, which require After Effects 7 or later.

Learn what the pros know, including how to:

  • Add depth to your animation by mimicking real motion
  • Grab your audience’s attention with creative motion titling
  • Shoot a clean blue/green screen
  • Apply 3D animation to 2D images
  • Remove backgrounds with blue-screen garbage mattes
  • Retouch frame by frame with rotoscoping
  • Construct realistic composites and locales with matte painting
  • Make movies from stills by simulating 3D camera motion
  • Produce realistic effects such as noise, clouds, and smoke

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