Saturday, January 20th, 2018

GoPro Wi-Fi Updates and new App!


GoPro releases new firmware and software updates for their Hero2, Wi-Fi BacPacs and CineForm Software – PLUS, a brand new GoPro App for your iOS devices!

I’ve just published two separate reviews on these updates because they’re so extensive, they require more information than I can include in just one article! Check them out at the links below to go to ProVideo Coalition and see more!

Review: GoPro Protuneā„¢ Firmware & Software Update for CineForm Studio
GoPro has recently released new updates for the Hero2 camera which upgrade the sensor’s dynamic range, data bitrate transfer and encoding with the new Protune codec. In addition, the new software update for CineForm Studio includes some major new features and refinements for converting and preparing your GoPro Protune footage!

Product Review: GoPro Wi-Fi App
The GoPro iApp is finally here! You control your Wi-Fi BacPac directly with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and change camera settings, preview live shots for setup and record and much more! Click to learn more about this great advancement in accessible technology!

…and stay tuned for even MORE exciting GoPro news later this week!

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