Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

GroBoto 2.3 Product Review in Macworld


I recently wrote a review for Macworld for a 3D software product called GroBoto [Click Here to Read]

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring this software and found it pretty amazing to say the least (it got a 4-mice rating by Macworld standards) though some of the tools and interface were a little non-intuitive and you’re left with little resources to find out things on your own. It still produces some incredible models.

They have lots of gallery examples on their web site that really show off what the product can do, but I wanted to share with you what I did by exporting a model (as an OBJ file) and imported it into Photoshop as a 3D layer. I applied a texture and my own lighting to it and created this animation: Click Here to View

I also created a 3D Stereographic version (get out those Red/Blue 3D glasses) that really shows this incredible robo-organic model! Click image below to view the 3D movie

If you’d like to check out GroBoto yourself, go to their web site: groboto.com

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