Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Hand-Held Camera Motion Tracking with Mocha for AE and CS4


This was first demonstrated live at NAB this year and I’ve been waiting to post it on my Blog until after the release of the step-by-step tutorial was published on the ProVideo Coalition web site. Instead of trying to stabilize the footage first and then track it, I decided I wanted the bouncy/shaky camera movement and just replaced the side panel on the truck – shakes and all!

Before & After Motion Tracking the Video Footage

Before & After Motion Tracking the Video Footage

This is a link to the actual article on PVC, which takes you through a step-by-step tutorial process of how I created the side panel of the truck in Photoshop CS4, then imported the layers into After Effects CS4, tracked the motion with Mocha and completed the final composition back in After Effect, including a reflection map on the side of the truck for believability.

Here’s what the Before & After shots look like.

Motion Tracking – After Effects CS4 with Mocha from Jeff Foster on Vimeo.

Watch for more tutorials, reviews and articles I’ll be submitting to PVC’s site soon, as well as continued reviews at the International Press Association’s web portal

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