Saturday, January 20th, 2018

In Memoriam: Robb Kerr


Robb Kerr
I received the news this morning, that my friend and colleague Robb Kerr had passed away yesterday. Robb has been battling colon cancer for several years. He was a fighter and would send out an occasional update of his various treatments and current condition – some days better than others, but all very painful to read indeed, but he wasn’t giving up until finally, it was inevitable that the treatments just weren’t working any more.

The interesting part of this, is that I was just visiting with another fellow colleague and friend Vincent Versace yesterday and we were talking about Robb and what a cool guy he is and were wondering how he was doing since neither of us had talked with him for a bit. We regaled the times we all spoke on the Photoshop World tours together and shared our taste in Wine, Scotch and Cigars. The last day we had shared with Robb was after a speaking session at Photoshop World in San Diego, CA, he was a bit tired and was going to his room to rest. We were all supposed to meet for dinner later and have a cigar. Robb never showed and didn’t answer his phone in the hotel room, so we left him voice mail and emails razzing him about standing us up! Little had we known he was taken to the hospital and rushed in for emergency surgery that night. When I finally found out what had happened and spoke with him a few days later, we actually had a laugh about giving him a hard time for the no-show. That’s the kind of guy Robb was.

So with only fond memories of a great artist, teacher and compassionate (and passionate) friend and colleague, we salute you Robb. May you finally rest in peace and with dignity… you will be greatly missed!

Click Here to read about Robb’s work with C3 – the Colorectal Cancer Coalition

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