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NAB 2010 – LIVE Green Screen Shoot & More!


Las Vegas, NV – April 13/14, 2010

In addition to my other conference sessions this year, I’m presenting a LIVE Green Screen shoot at my 1/2 day session for the NAB Post-Production Conference. Equipment and gear supplied for the shoot includes Panasonic, Kino Flo, Bogen, Reflecmedia, Ultimatte, Composite Components, iStockphoto, ScopeBox and many more.

*UPDATE: Ultimatte is providing an Ultimatte DV box so I’ll be showing some Live hardware compositing at this session as well as a guest appearance from Ultimatte President and Co-Founder, Paul Vlahos!

I’ll be sharing some lighting techniques, tips & tricks (including how to make your own portable low-voltage cool lights cheap!) plus materials and techniques not commonly known. Plus I’ll show you the importance of using a scope when setting up your shots to get the optimum quality footage for your green screen extraction software.

I’ll show you how to plan ahead for scenes and virtual sets and adjust your lighting accordingly. We’ll also look at some examples of productions from the past to the present and how compositing technology has changed over the years.

I’ll also be selling/signing my book “The Green Screen Handbook” immediately after the session. Make sure you stick around as I’ll be raffling-off a FREE COPY too!

I hope you can join us for this exciting event – as well as my other sessions at NAB this year!

NAB 2010 Post-Production Speaking Schedule at-a-glance:

• In Depth: Greenscreen/Bluescreen Lighting, Shooting and Post Production
Tuesday, 04/13/2010 10:00am – 1:00pm
Room N254
Link to Online Session Description

• Animating with Photoshop
Tuesday, 04/13/2010 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Room N258
Link to Online Session Description

• Stereo 3D Animation with Photoshop & After Effects
Wednesday, 04/14/2010 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Room N257
Link to Online Session Description

• Motion Tracking with Mocha and After Effects
Wednesday, 04/14/2010 5:00pm – 6:15pm
Room N257
Link to Online Session Description


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