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Product Review: DSLRPros Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit


A Souped-up DJI Phantom for Professional Shooters

Aerial POV shots are the new rage and many videographers are trying to figure out what the best gear is to invest in and provide the flexibility and professional results they really need to stay competitive without a huge capital investment. When the DJI Phantom for the GoPro Hero3 was introduced late last year, there was a buzz about this new method of getting creative POV shots from above, and a lot of people have been coming up with DIY designs for stabilizing the camera and smoothing out the controls of the multirotor aircraft. The folks at DSLRPros have been designing the best professionally-engineered and configured packages of upgraded components and aftermarket gear that turns the DJI Phantom into a real contender in the UAV photo/video market and the Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit is the best I’ve seen in the quadcopter category.

DSLRPros – Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit (Includes the newly-released GoPro Hero3+)

What’s included in this kit:

DJI Phantom Quadcopter (upgraded with 8″ Carbon Fiber CF Props, DJI Propeller Guards for 8″ props, antiGravity motors)
DJI Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal – pre-installed and tested
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Kit
Futaba 8FG Radio Transmitter with SBus Rcv (Pre-programmed)
Integrated 5.8Ghz FPV System (Custom selected and matched for Phantom – others can cause problems with GPS operation – our FPV selection is tested and guaranteed to work with the DJI Phantom)
5.8Ghz Transmitter with diversity band (i.e., can add multiple field monitors or goggles)
5.8Ghz Field Monitor with integrated receiver
DSLRPros – High Quality FPV Goggles
6 High Performance LiPo 2400mAh Batteries
Q1 QuantumPro Lipo Charger AC / DC (Charge from your car battery or in your studio)
Digital LiPo Battery Capacity Tester
2 LiPo Fire Protection Bags
Special Edition Tough Case with pre-cut foam


*UPDATE: DSLRPros is offering a special limited time offer for the Pro + DP Aerial Kit (doesn’t include the GoPro and a couple other items) at a -$250 discount off the regular price with code PPZXR



6 Responses to “Product Review: DSLRPros Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit”
  1. Dave says:

    We just purchased a DSLR Pro DP + Edition Aerial Kit. First, let me say the paperwork that comes with it or I downloaded from DSLR Pros, while numerous, is almost useless and trying to find a real “manual” is impossible. There isn’t even a video showing you what to do with your new kit. Sure, DJI has some excellent videos but most of their stuff has nothing to do with a Futaba controller, FPV, etc. I find it ironic that a bunch of guys who claim to be video production pros can’t create a “how to” video for their own product. Ok, with that bitch out of the way, I’ve charged all my batteries, checked them with the included tester to verify they are full, took off the gimbal because it says don’t fly it with it until you have 10+ hours of flight time. I went out to a big, empty field, when through all the proper procedures to calibrate the compass, etc. I pushed the joysticks down and together simultaneous and…nothing. The Phantom would not start. Outside on a bright sunny Texas day it is very hard to see what color the LEDs are. I think I had flashing yellow, twice with a pause…yellow, yellow, pause…yellow,yellow, pause. The limited instructions say something about calibrating the rig via a PC and some kind of software(?) We are all Mac. Problem there. I’ve tried everything but I cannot get this thing to start. I’ve waited for many minutes thinking it needed to warm up, nothing. Next I’m going to try leaving my cell phone in the car because it might be causing interference but that’s my last idea. Any one else have a thought?

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Dave – I agree there is a serious lack of information coming from DSLRPros when they deliver a kit – I”m trying to encourage them to rectify that with either printed materials or videos on their website.

    As you know the industry is rapidly changing, so it’s difficult to keep up with it all. But I’ve found that many of the DJI videos have helped me figure out what the LEDs mean (flashing yellows usually mean you need to calibrate your Phantom. Never attempt to take off with either flashing yellows or reds or you will crash or lose your Phantom). There are videos from Colin Guinn at DJI on their YouTube channel that show you how to quickly calibrate the digital compass prior to take off. Sometimes even after that, it’s necessary to unplug the battery on the Phantom and plug it back in again and it resets everything (including the gimbal that’s very touching when the Phantom is tilted too much when powered up).

    Also, DJI hasn’t supported the Mac yet so you MUST find a PC or run Windows in a Bootcamp partition on a Mac. This sucks but I hope they resolve this soon.

    I’ll try to address any other concerns you may have through email – I believe we’re connected now through PVC.

    Best regards and Happy New Year!


  3. Anthony Sarratori says:

    I have received one of the last Ultimate P1 kits a day or so ago. All of the above except my phantom starts just fine. I have not set up boot camp yet. I’m thinking of buying a new netbook just for this set up because Windows will open up my Mac to viruses. I’ve figured out all the futaba functions – I guess I needed the comications to learn the equipment functions anyway. I am impressed with the performance of the duel batteries – I got over 19 minutes of flight time fully loaded. I’m working out a problem with the FPV not working well – the range is extremely short at this time. I’ve reconfigured the antennas but have not had a chance to try it again. I’m happy with my kit so far. Too bad the p1 platform is not available anymore. I wish they would leave the information up on their we sight about them becaus it makes finding needed information about them more difficult to find.

  4. Corey Cheney says:

    Hey Dave, I had the exact same problem with my phantom from dslrpros. The issue was the sd and sc switches on the futaba controller. The sc switch needs to be center and the ad switch needs to be up. I did that and it work fine. However, I am trying to sort fpv issues as well, not getting nearly the same range as claimed. I get about 600 feet line of sight before I can’t see anything. I realize this is a bit late on the switches but I hope it helps!

  5. Steve says:

    I am planning on purchasing an Ultimate Cannes Kit very soon and I haven’t heard of any of these problems that are listed here yet. On the contrary the extensive research I’ve done indicates that the DSLRPros kits work great and the customer service is very good from them. Has any of you tried calling them so they can help you work through these issues?

    @Anthony – You don’t need to purchase a PC Laptop or Netbook to run Windows. Simply buy a program called Parallels and get a copy of Windows 7 and you’re gold. Parallels will run Windows on your Mac, you will not be susceptible to viruses (only the Windows partition is), and you can run any Windows program natively on your Mac. Easy as pie.

    The other issues listed here seem to be problems with not setting things up correctly, which may not be your fault if you didn’t have instructions. I suggest calling and asking for help. Good luck!

  6. Don’t understand why in uk england we can’t get this I would so want to buy it as I have phantom but can’t get goggles fpv for them” so I would like to buy this aerial kit but no where in uk england sale them” can u help and tell me where in USA u ship to us English people”!! Lol 🙂 thank u

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