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Product Review: Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle & Accessories


Affordable Cinema Gear for Students & Aspiring Filmmakers

By Jeff Foster | June 30, 2013 ProVideo Coalition

Adorama’s affordable Flashpoint brand has offerings for entry-level DSLR/DV students and budget-conscious indie filmmakers. So I’ve taken the gear to task in some various shooting situations to see how well it works under normal conditions and if I found them a helpful tool or not. Note that I’ve never used any cinema gear with a DSLR before (though I’ve seen rigs my colleagues have) so my review here is only based on first-time user experience, intuition and usefulness – not to compare with any other gear or manufacturer on the market today – we all know who those players are. But I will discuss different features and what they do and how well I feel the build/design quality is vs the price point. This review is primarily focused on the Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle and I thought it would be good to include a bit about the other support products and accessories as well, but I will save a more detailed review on the Flashpoint monitors until later so I can do a thorough testing and comparison with it on several cameras.

Products covered in this review:

  • Flashpoint All-Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle
  • Flashpoint 7″ TFT LCD Field Monitor, Aspect Ratio:16:9 1024×600 Resolution, HDMI Input
  • Flashpoint Swivi HD DSLR LCD Universal Foldable Viewfinder Version II with 3.0X Magnification
  • Flashpoint 7″ Adjustable Double Articulating Arm (Israeli arm)
  • Flashpoint Sony NPF950 NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F960, NP-F770, and NP-F970 replacement Battery

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