Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Product Review: GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac & Remote


Remote Control and Wi-Fi Enabling your GoPro Camera

The controls on your GoPro camera are no longer out of reach!

The new GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote allow you to control your GoPro camera from up to hundreds of feet away – which includes powering up your camera, changing all the menu settings, triggering the camera to shoot and powering it off again to preserve battery life. The Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote have their own built in rechargeable batteries, so they’re no further drain on your GoPro camera. I’ve got two GoPro Hero2 cameras already so I wanted to test out the new Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote on both of them shooting at the same time while my hands were otherwise “full”. I’ll share my results plus point out some very important items you need to be sure to look at when setting up your system – plus some things to be aware of.

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