Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Product Review: Polaroid small portable LED production light panels


I’ve been testing these small portable LED light panels from Polaroid throughout the year in various types of productions and found that we rarely ever head out of the studio without at least one of them in our kit. Used as a portable fill or accent light, a hair light on green screen, or put a little extra light in tight spots on location, these portable lights really do the job – and they’re very affordable too!

Polaroid 350 LED Dual-color Portable Light Panel

The Polaroid 350 LED Dual Color light panel is great as a small portable ENG on-camera light or to use as a small fill light when you need it. It comes in a an organized case as a kit that includes AC power adapter, two Sony NP-style batteries, a dual battery charger, an adjustable cold shoe mount, lamp diffuser screen and barn doors.

The kit is available online through Amazon.com for around $112 and a select few other re-sellers.

The dual-color LEDs can be mixed with the controls on the back to adjust color temperature ranging from 3200K-6200K as well as an intensity control.

The Polaroid 350 kit is convenient to just toss in your camera bag with a small stand so you can drop in a little light where and when you need it – and adjust the color temp for the location you’re shooting in. We’ve used it in photo shoots as well as video productions to give us highlights on equipment we couldn’t relocate to a studio and had to work off the bench in an R&D lab.

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