Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Small Cine-Rovers for creative POV video: Part 1


I’ve seen a lot of expensive development going into ground based POV cam rovers, cars, and trucks lately, so I decided to venture into what it takes to build a functional DIY rover that can be used in various locations and production purposes..

Ground based systems that may look like simple RC toys (which at their heart, really are) have a function that neither aerial nor handheld operation can achieve. Getting into locations inaccessible or possibly dangerous by other means, is probably the number one reason to build a system like this. Agriculture, wildlife, conservation, geological studies and many other industries have need for an economical entry into this technology.

OSMO Rover v1.0

The purpose of my particular concept was to find a lightweight and very flexible rover platform that could be used in various types of video production that I might encounter with corporate and governmental agencies as my clients. Getting good POV footage is always a challenge and seeing the world from different and compelling angles always keeps your production interesting. It’s also good to explore various ways to get you cameras into locations that might offer closer details or discovery after the fact from a mission.

So this is only Part 1 of what I hope to be a multi-part exploration of this conceptual endeavor. With the help from the folks at Multicopter Warehouse that provided all the camera gear and support, I also hoped to expand on this basic concept with more automation in the near future from the help of my engineer friends who used to work at 3D Robotics to build an ultimate Ardu Rover with autonomous control and more advanced electronics and automation.

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