Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Due to the popularity of my recent articles, posts and live training events, featuring the 3D Stereo capabilities of Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve decided to post a couple more examples so you can view with your Red/Cyan 3D glasses! (if you don’t have any, please see details below examples on how to get your Free […]

Since I’ve already stepped out into the 3D Stereoscopic world with my recent posts on Photoshop CS4, I thought I’d put yet one more out there that takes the process a step further – and combines some other techniques I’ve covered in previous posts. In this example, I’ve combined a 3D model I brought into […]

Due to popular demand (okay, a few “How’d you do that?” and “Cool animated avatar!” comments) I’ve decided to show you the steps I took to animate my PixelPainter avatar in Photoshop CS4; as well as the last few steps in putting your own animated avatar (GIF) up on your Twitter account. *Tip: It’s really […]

RANT… First of all, let me start this post by stating that I DO applaud Adobe for combining the animation capabilities of Image Ready into Photoshop, starting with Photoshop CS3. I was hoping they would have stepped up to the plate and given us a bit more in CS4, however. Simple things like a little […]

Well – since it’s Christmas Day, early AM, I thought it was appropriate to post this Santa composite, utilizing both Green Screen (for the background) and Blue Screen (for the foreground) all in one shot. This complex keying shot uses two passes with the Keylight chroma-keyer in After Effects CS4 to accomplish the “sandwich” of […]

Recently, a friend of mine in town gave me his business card and was all excited to share with me about the cool images an artist friend of his used on the design of the cards. Cool indeed. So I continued to share with him of my early days in computer graphics and how Kai […]

So I’ve been playing around with that footage that I shot in my previous Blog posting… and it was bugging me that the birds were distracting as well as the telephone poles, so I decided to just get rid of them! Before and After detail of the Rotoscope process Using the Clone Stamp tool on […]

My first published review of After Effects CS4 is now up online – “First Look: After Effects CS4” is on Macworld Magazine’s online site here: Macworld >> First Look: After Effects CS4 Check out the overview I’ve given this great new upgrade of Adobe After Effects! (and make sure to click the “YES – Recommend” […]

Along with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 products, both Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe After Effects CS4 were officially announced at 12:01am EDT on Sept. 23. I have had the opportunity to beta test most of the suite’s products over the past few months and there are some great new features I’ll […]