Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

I want to thank all those attending my Motion Tracking with After Effects sessions at Adobe MAX 2009 this year. Since they’re Hands-On Lab sessions, the projects were pre-loaded on the machines in the room before you come in, and if you weren’t able to complete one of the projects during the session’s allotted time, […]

Okay folks – here it is… (finally!) The first in a series of quick tips and tutorials for creating motion graphics and animations, in a rapid-fire 3-minute “Podcast” video! I’m starting with a topic that has been in discussion on several boards & forums, as well as Adobe’s help center, and I’ve been able to […]

*UPDATE: see my quick “3-minute Podcast” video showing the workflow of this technique HERE! I’ve also included an extensive step-by-step workflow on both motion tracking and image stabilization in my new training DVD, “Learning After Effects CS4” – link to it on the right –> After much trial and error and a lot of frustrated […]