Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Just published a step-by-step tutorial complete with a downloadable project file and preview video for a highly-requested technique using Mocha AE with After Effects in the Motion Graphics and VFX channels on the PVC (ProVideo Coalition) problog. Click here to see the tutorial and the demo video This tutorial is the first in a series […]

I want to thank all those attending my Motion Tracking with After Effects sessions at Adobe MAX 2009 this year. Since they’re Hands-On Lab sessions, the projects were pre-loaded on the machines in the room before you come in, and if you weren’t able to complete one of the projects during the session’s allotted time, […]

This was first demonstrated live at NAB this year and I’ve been waiting to post it on my Blog until after the release of the step-by-step tutorial was published on the ProVideo Coalition web site. Instead of trying to stabilize the footage first and then track it, I decided I wanted the bouncy/shaky camera movement […]

I’m preparing my sessions for the Post Production Conference at NAB 2009 and I’m excited to share so many cool new tips & tricks! A lot of my content for these sessions will be right out of my new DVD titles from PhotoshopCAFE.com “Learning After Effects CS4” and “Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation” Here’s my […]

Okay folks – here it is… (finally!) The first in a series of quick tips and tutorials for creating motion graphics and animations, in a rapid-fire 3-minute “Podcast” video! I’m starting with a topic that has been in discussion on several boards & forums, as well as Adobe’s help center, and I’ve been able to […]