Saturday, January 20th, 2018

It’s finally here folks! My latest DVD from! Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation covers a lot of material that can all be done INSIDE Photoshop CS4 Extended. Techniques covered range from basic video editing and animation techniques, to rotoscoping, frame animation, video clean-up/retouching, masking, smart filters & FX, green screen compositing, 3D modeling and […]

I’m preparing my sessions for the Post Production Conference at NAB 2009 and I’m excited to share so many cool new tips & tricks! A lot of my content for these sessions will be right out of my new DVD titles from “Learning After Effects CS4” and “Photoshop CS4 Video & Animation” Here’s my […]

Due to the popularity of my recent articles, posts and live training events, featuring the 3D Stereo capabilities of Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve decided to post a couple more examples so you can view with your Red/Cyan 3D glasses! (if you don’t have any, please see details below examples on how to get your Free […]

Since I’ve already stepped out into the 3D Stereoscopic world with my recent posts on Photoshop CS4, I thought I’d put yet one more out there that takes the process a step further – and combines some other techniques I’ve covered in previous posts. In this example, I’ve combined a 3D model I brought into […]

Due to popular demand (okay, a few “How’d you do that?” and “Cool animated avatar!” comments) I’ve decided to show you the steps I took to animate my PixelPainter avatar in Photoshop CS4; as well as the last few steps in putting your own animated avatar (GIF) up on your Twitter account. *Tip: It’s really […]

RANT… First of all, let me start this post by stating that I DO applaud Adobe for combining the animation capabilities of Image Ready into Photoshop, starting with Photoshop CS3. I was hoping they would have stepped up to the plate and given us a bit more in CS4, however. Simple things like a little […]

Along with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 products, both Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe After Effects CS4 were officially announced at 12:01am EDT on Sept. 23. I have had the opportunity to beta test most of the suite’s products over the past few months and there are some great new features I’ll […]