Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Video Workshop


UAV/UAS Aerial Photography & Video Workshop on CreativeLive

July 21/21

Aerial photography and videography captures some of the most stunning images out there, but the tools, techniques, and gadgets used to capture the action are often confusing and difficult to master. Join Jeff Foster and special guests for an exciting and highly informative class and get a running start at unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photography.

In this course, you’ll learn how to capture stunning aerial shots with an impressive range of aerial gear – including; 3D Robotics multicopters, DJI multirotors, GoPros, DSLRs and more. You’ll get an introduction to the best tools for beginners and see demonstrations of the sophisticated gear used by the most in-demand professional photographers and filmmakers. You’ll learn essential skills for controlling a UAV flight; basic flight controls, necessary equipment for successful shooting, planning and lining up the perfect shots, flight prep and safety, waypoint navigation and more. You’ll gain an understanding of the production and post-production techniques unique and essential to aerial photography – including how to stabilize video, create stunning panoramic photos, and remove lens distortion in your photos and videos.

If you’re ready to explore this wonderful world from a new elevated visual perspective, then this is the course for you!

Click here to join the LIVE studio audience in San Francisco!

Be sure to watch the short pre-show discussion about the upcoming workshop, shot in the CreativeLive studios in Seattle this week while there teaching an After Effects workshop.

Hosted by: Jeff Foster
Guests include:
Colin Guinn –
Mark Johnson and Romeo Dursher –
Stephen Wheatcraft –
Peter Sachs –
Russell “Doc” Brown (Adobe) –

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One Response to “Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Video Workshop”
  1. Carl Borsing says:

    FAA’s Commercial “rulings, Illegal / unconstitutional?

    These (in effect) dirty monopolizing attempts must END!, here’s my OWN(!) insignificant situation as an example..

    I’m just a tiny fly on the wall, a private independent Multimedia Artist who works with Music, composing, recording, mixing, mastering, 3D modeling, 3D animation, Photo, Video, webdesign, a long list for one, perhaps not so insignificant guy after all :), I know, and I’m certain I’m forgetting something. Oh yes, as a Private, independent Producer I’ve earned next to no income the past Five+ years and I’ve invested every penny I came across into my Project studio / Private Business. Adding Aerial Photography as well as Videography to my upcoming project(s) will of course provide me with very powerful camera angles and provide a great tool for what I do / can offer potential clients.. So, what’s the commonly immediate problem with the FAA “rulings” (and I’m suspecting unconstitutional efforts) to regulate drone usages commercially. Basically it means that even though we may have Hundreds of hrs worth of training, operating non GPS or gyro stabilized RC Copters safely, we can’t use our own GPS / Gyro stabilized “Drone’s” Aerial Photo/Video materials, (which even a child can operate safely) for our upcoming music DVD Projects? This is completely unacceptable! and I wonder who’s giving the FAA the potentially illegal “power” to exclude(!) certain Companies from their own rulings!? These “rulings” seem more geared towards creating unfair commercial advantages for a select(!) group of businesses, “on a case by case basis” or Monopolize rights to use Drones for commercial purposes. So since I don’t have the resources or inclination to become a licensed Pilot or even remotely trust the FAA to grant me the same rights which they’ve now EXCLUDED!? several business from, I have the option(?) to leave to US to legally collect my footage elsewhere? As I’m also a Citizen of the European Union, no one (not even the FAA) can (legally) stop me or even restrict the duration of my stays. But here’s where it potentially becomes even more insane (if that’s at all possible). What happens after I return home, edit and release my Project(s) in the US as well as globally? We know were the FAA madness begins, and that it has very little (I say NOTHING) to do with safety, but where does this insanity end?

    – Sir Carl’s Evil Twin.. :D

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