Saturday, December 16th, 2017

The Green Screen Handbook 2nd Edition NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order!


I’m excited to announce that The Green Screen Handbook 2nd Edition is Available NOW for pre-order on!

The Green Screen Handbook, Second Edition (Focal Press, pub.) is a unique, all-inclusive guide to effectively using green screens during film and video production. Comprehensive production techniques and step-by-step instruction cover matting and keying basics; setups using fabric, portable background panels, or paint; lighting and digital camera essentials; broadcast TV hardware switchers; professional HD and major motion picture compositing; multiple-colored screen composites; directing storyboards and talent; working with virtual sets; motion tracking; and much more.

  • See how to plan, set up, and execute your shots to reduces fixes in post
  • Choose the right keying process for your project
  • Master basic shooting setups and live broadcast keying
  • Understand proper lighting and how to match subjects to the background
  • Create a working storyboard and learn how to select and direct talent
  • Composite your footage and fix problem shots
  • Work creatively with virtual sets, motion tracking, and match moving
  • Master techniques that apply to all compositing software and plug-ins

Instead of a DVD, this edition will feature a companion website includes sample footage and project files showcasing the techniques featured in the book, which means even Kindle readers can still download and view the projects in this edition!

We’re in the final editing phase now so it will be going to print very soon!

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