Saturday, January 20th, 2018

The Hobbit in 48p 3D – Flop or Fail?


There has been much anticipation for this holiday release of The Hobbit – not only in bringing this classic novel to life from the team that brought us a success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but to experience the new technological advances of 3D on the big screen at 48p. But is HFR (high frame rate) really ready for “prime time” or are we just not ready for it? I share my first reactions after seeing it myself and connect with other sources/opinions in attempting to make sense of it all… and this is going to be a heated debate for years as subjectivity and viewer feedback will win out in the end.

How did it look to you?

Click here to read the entire review/article about this technology and the effects it’s had on viewers.

Please add your response/comment below or on the article page – I’d like to hear what your thoughts with this new theatrical experience!


One Response to “The Hobbit in 48p 3D – Flop or Fail?”
  1. Dan says:

    To be honest, I considered it far from a flop. It really did feel like something close to Avatar’s caliber however it was not as perfect as I thought it would be. For example, the CGI seemed a bit off or not at a high enough texture to be very credible at the high framerate.

    Loved the movie though.

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