Saturday, December 16th, 2017

The Masters of Compositing Series – Part 1: Petro Vlahos


This is the first in a series of interviews with the pioneers and masters in the compositing/VFX film & television industry. I originally recorded these interviews for my published book “The Green Screen Handbook” (Sybex/Wiley, pub) and had intended to produce one full-length documentary from the materials. But after a couple of years past now, I thought they would be better served as individual parts of a series to help educate and inform people about these historic times from the early days of VFX compositing through modern-day techniques.

The Masters of Compositing Series – Part 1: Petro Vlahos
Inventor of the Sodium Vapor Compositor and the Blue Screen Color Difference Traveling Matte & Multiple Oscar recipient

I was fortunate enough to sit down and interview Petro in 2009, after spending a great deal of time researching his work at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Herrick Library. The original interview was over an hour long but I’ve edited it down to the key points in just under 30 minutes for this series.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful historic storyteller, as he recalls the glory days of film and visual effects.
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