Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The Masters of Compositing Series – Part 3: John Galt


This is the third installment in a series of interviews with the pioneers and masters in the compositing/VFX film & television industry. I originally recorded these interviews for my published book “The Green Screen Handbook” (Sybex/Wiley, pub) and had intended to produce one full-length documentary from the materials. But after a couple of years past now, I thought they would be better served as individual parts of a series to help educate and inform people about these historic times from the early days of VFX compositing through modern-day techniques.

John Galt is one of the pioneers of modern-day digital camera and compositing technology. I had the honor and privilege of visiting the Panavision HQ in Woodland Hills, CA to record this video interview with John back in 2009, while gathering materials for my book “The Green Screen Handbook”.

The Masters of Compositing Series – Part 3: John Galt
Sr. Vice President of of Advanced Digital Imaging at Panavision.

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