Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The Sun & Moon: Artistry of the 2017 Solar Eclipse


Since many of us weren’t able to make the trek to a location in the “path of totality” for this solar eclipse in the US this year, many of us drooled over social media to see our friends and colleagues who were able to go prepare and shoot it live. Now that they’ve returned and are culling through Terabytes of visual data, several  of them have agreed to share a bit about their experience; from planning their trips to the gear they used – and of course, their beautiful (and often creative) results!

Chris Knight copyright 2017

Contributors: Seán Duggan, Colin Smith, Russell Brown, Chris Knight, Eric Cheng, Romeo Durscher, Mark Johnson, Abbe Lyle, Brad Kremer, Kenji Sugahara, Thomas Testi and Andrew Behringer

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