Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Up and Running…


Welcome… you’ll most likely be reading this because either you know me already and I’ve directed you here, or you really just stumbled in here and maybe reading back through old posts. Either way, I’m glad you have!

In the weeks/months to come, I hope to share my thoughts and ideas, production tips & tricks, upcoming product news and articles/reviews I’ve done and of course actual current production projects I’m working on that keep me grounded in the industry and force me to stay on my game both technically and creatively. I may share a personal rant or rave now and then as well – but will shy away from political views as those will surely alienate at least half of my audience at one time or another! 😉

If you’ve come in through the “back door” and not through my web site, let me share with you my latest Motion Graphics demo reel by clicking the image below. It should open up in a new page.

…of course make sure you visit my main web site here as well: PixelPainter.com

Thanks again for stopping by – Leave a comment or a question and I’ll try to respond promptly!

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